The Books.

Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics of life in The Archers is the collected volume of papers from the 2017 Academic Archers conference, a sometimes serious and most often wry look at the people of Ambridge, and each chapter satirically peer-reviewed by one of those residents.

It is published by Emerald and is available for pre-order now and will be in the shelves on 5th October 2017. 

The book comes out of the 2017 Academic Archers conference that featured leading scholars in their fields that merged their love of The Archers with their specialist subjects, from aspects of the Helen and Rob story, through to food, geography, social media and faith.

The book blurs the line between The Archers being fictitious and Ambridge being a real place in a county called Borsetshire, deliberately obscuring boundaries between fact and fiction. It gives the reader a fuller understanding of the real life issues covered in the programme, a deeper insight into the residents of Ambridge, and the validation that their hours of listening to The Archers is indeed academic research.


The eponymous titled book of the 2016 conference proceedings , The Archers in Fact and Fiction: Academic Analyses of Life in Rural Borsetshire, was published by Peter Lang in 2016. It features a chapter per paper, each peer reviewed by an Ambridge resident. 

It can be found on AmazonHive and other online retailers and in bookshops. Its publishers page can be found here