Media contact and coverage

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Below is a listing of the coverage across print, online and broadcast media. 


BBC Radio 4, 16th August 2016



London Review of Books, 10th April 2019

Gender, Sex and Gossip in The Archers, book review

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The Ambridge Observer, 8th April 2019

Special edition! Academic Archers: Ambridge reacts

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BBC Radio Sheffield, 6th April 2019

Interview with Dr Cara Courage and Dr Nicola Headlam

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BBC Radio Scotland, Good Morning Scotland, 5th April 2019

Interview with Dr Sarah Kate Merry


Broadcasting House, 3rd April 2019

Mention in newspaper review

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The Spectator (podcast), 21st March 2019

Conversation with Fraser Nelson on The Archers (@33mins)

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Times Literary Supplement, 1st August 2018

Ambridge, Brian Morton, Custard, Culverts and Cake book review


Church Times, 2nd March 2018

Custard, Culverts and Cake... book review 

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Waitrose Weekend, 1st March 2018

Borsetshire Believers, conference feature 


The Archers website, 18th February 2018

'Charlotte Martin aka Susan Carter on Susan, Shula's depression and Henry's future', conference report


World This Weekend, 19th February 2018

Feature at c24 minutes

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BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking, 15th February 2018

Dr Rob Drummond on 'Reflecting Rural Life' panel discussion 

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Waitrose Weekend, 3rd February 2018

'If troops were called to Ambridge'

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BBC Radio Oxford, 17th February 2018

Dr Nicola Headlam, interview on the Kat Orman show


Country Living, February 2018

'A Book to Read' book review. 

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Sheffield Telegraph, 28th December 2017

'An everyday story of birdwatching'


Today Programme, 26th December 2017

Interview with Debi Ashenden about rural broadband. 

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Andrew Edwards show, 23rd October 2017

Jessica Meyer, Custard, Culverts and Cake contributor, interview


Sunday, BBC Radio 4

Rev Jonathan Hustler interview, 22nd October 2017

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Waitrose Weekend

Archers storyline is no twist of fete, 20th October 2017


BBC The Archers newsletter and blog

'Life in The Archers, it's all academic', 2nd August 2017

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Waitrose Weekend 

'How does Ambridge dodge diabetes?' 2nd March 2017

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Times Higher Education 

The week in higher education – 23 February 2017, 23rd February 2017


2017 conference across bbc radio

Academic Archers 2017 was covered across Radio 4: 

Feedback feature, 14th February, and a longer feature on its podcast

Today Programme, 16th February, interview, and with The Archers actor, Charles Collingwood, and feature on the 8 am news segment

Interview with presenter Christine Micheal, Farming Today, 17th February

Mention on Any Questions, 17th February, and Any Answers, 18th February

Interview on 5Live Daily and follow-up evening interview, 17th February

The 2016 conference also featured on PM, Feedback and Farming Today


The independent

'BBC 's Robinson falls victim of fake news', 18th February 2017

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Sky News

Mention in the newspaper review, 18th February 2017