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Academic Archers is a community of  BBC Radio4's The Archers fans with an academic interest in the show.



The 2019 conference is taking place over the weekend of 6th and 7th April, at The Edge, University of Sheffield’s conference venue - click the link above to go direct to buy tickets.

The full schedule can be seen on the 2019 conference page

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Our Mission.

Academic Archers is an experimental form of academic community with The Archers as a lens through which wider issues can be explored. As a community we share our knowledge of the programme, our research interests, and a lot of laughs, creating the academic field if you will, of Ambridgeology. In all that we do, are values are to be 'curious, generous and joyful'. 


“We do this out of a love of the programme and of our subjects and the conference is intended to link the two to illuminate and explain life in Ambridge and use this to throw an interdisciplinary light on wider social issues too.”

— Nicola headlam


YouTube films from the 2018 2017 Academic Archers conference can be found here, and 2017 from this page; and podcasts with its contributors here, here and here

Watch and Listen. 


"I loved presenting at the first Academic Archers. You'll never speak to a more knowledgeable, attentive and mischievous audience."

Dr Samantha Walton, Bath Spa University


Our Community.

Academic Archers are people that have an academic interest in The Archers, whether they are at a university or not, whether they have any formal qualifications or not - the latter being our Research Fellows. We just ask that you have a passion for the programme and a wish to learn more and discuss the issues it rasies in some detail. We meet online and face to face at our annual conference. 



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"There are so many years of listening to The Archers in our community, everyone is an academic of the programme, not just those with a degree or 'Dr' in front of their name. All that knowledge is shared in our community - along with a lot of laughs."

- Cara Courage


Get Involved.

If you want to submit an idea for a paper, have a question about Academic Archers, want to support our online community, or if you don't do social media and want to be added to our newsletter to be kept up to date with what we're doing, head to the contact page

We are also on Facebook and Twitter, and follow #AcademicArchers.



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