We never thought we'd have to spell this out...

…but we LOVE The Archers, despite what a certain national Sunday newspaper said today.

Academic Archers exists to provide a place for us to share our mutual love of The Archers. The new book, whilst gathering together papers which explore feminist perspectives, is in no way hostile to the show. It is a long love letter to The Archers, as is everything we do.

Our values of generosity, curiosity and joyfulness inform our books and conferences and we are heartbroken that anyone could see us in opposition to the show.

2019 conference box office now open!

Ta-da! The box office for the fourth Academic Archers is live!

You’re the first to know of course – you’re welcome to share this post as you wish, but we won’t be posting this news to other Archers sites or groups for another month so you have the chance to get in first!

The 2019 conference is taking place over the weekend of 6th and 7th April, at The Edge, University of Sheffield’s conference venue.

We start with the offer of a dinner for those of you travelling up on the Friday – 90 tickets for this available. The conference itself will be over the Saturday and Sunday, with an optional conference dinner on the Saturday night – a total of 300 tickets available for the conference and also for the dinner.

As ever, we have the cost of this at the forefront of our minds. Half the allocation of all the tickets are offered at an Early Bird rate (until 31st October or until all sell out, whichever comes first) and we have kept both the Early Bird and Standard ticket rates as low as possible. There is also a limited run Saturday-only ticket option.

All the tickets (the dinners, the conference options, Early Bird and Standard) are found on the one box office page but can be bought at different times so you can purchase to suit your budget and cash flow. Please note, the Friday night dinner has a 90 capacity, so you may want to book for that sooner rather than later if you are staying on the Friday night and please note that if you pay for one ticket at the Early Bird rate, you may end up paying the Standard rate for subsequent tickets.

Sheffield University has three on-site options for accommodation (though it may not be able to accommodate all of us) and we will send on details of that to those with a conference ticket from September. There are also lots of hotel, B+B and AirBnB options locally.


Books arrived!

Early copies of Custard, Culverts and Cake have arrived to the publishers office - and they will be out with bookstores from 5th October. Copies can be pre-ordered online, in all the usual places, and go to the homepage here for a 30% discount code to order direct from Emerald Publishing. 

Its been a joy for us to work on, a huge thank you to all the contributors and to the team at Emerald for getting us all through it. 

first book picture.jpg

2018 Conference Call for Papers

Call for Papers: The Archers in fact and fiction: Academic analyses of life in rural Borsetshire

Dr Cara Courage and Dr Nicola Headlam invite the submission of abstracts to the third Academic Archers conference, to be held on 17th February 2018 at The British Library, London.

The one-day conference will feature a number of 15 minutes papers, as well as 5 minute Quick Pitches and posters, around the programme and issues contained therein, of BBC Radio4’s The Archers.

Submissions are invited from any academic discipline and subjects might include but are by no means limited to:

·         Queer perspectives on life in Ambridge

·         Rural housing development – who benefits?

·         Entrepreneurialism in rural communities

·         Politics and protest – ‘right to the field’ in Borsetshire

·         Brexit & Ambridge, what future post CAP?

·         Gender, class and cricket in the village

·         What is a gossip? Gendered approaches to info sharing

·         Intergenerational justice in Ambridge

·         Greenwashing Ambridge, from eco-warriors to biodiversity accountants?

This list is not meant to be exclusive or exhaustive, but is meant to inspire you to think how your academic research, sector professional expertise or listener forensic knowledge of The Archers can illuminate and explain life in Ambridge and Borsetshire. The day is intended to give fans of The Archers a platform to exercise their love of the programme and their subject area.

If you are a fellow Archers fan and/or academic please submit your abstract of 200 words with a short biography to both cara@caracourage.net and headlams@gmail.com by 28th July, indicating if you are proposing a paper, Quick Pitch or poster. Please submit this as a Word attachment. Programming will be determined by an Academic Archers panel and will be communicated by mid-September.


Conference previews and reviews from our speakers

Whilst some of us were still on the train back from Lincoln, Jerome Turner was writing his review of the conference

Quite rightly, Jerome points out that Academic Archers is a 'different kind of conference' and explains why, including: members of the public attended; sometimes research is allowed to be entertaining; I’ve never been to a conference that trended on Twitter; and people stayed the full two days. 

Thank you also to Elizabeth Campion for her review, and Olivia Vandyk for her preview too.